This is where recycling gets EXCITING!

 Sign up to a kids account and become a real life Warrior.

  When you bring in your recycling it adds up to credits in your account.

  When you save enough credits you will earn yourselves parts for your own custom made scooter or strider bike!

  We will take your collected plastic and injection mould it in to the kit to build your own unique, one off bike! No two bikes are the same.


Don't panic, you can join in on the fun too!

 Sign up for an account and when you reach your targets you will be gifted with money off vouchers and discount coupons for local businesses and services including Meals out, groceries, spa days and gym memberships and even holidays!

  The more you BRING, the more you WIN! Simple.

we will except Cans, Bottle, Plastic and cardboard and clothes.

ALL must be cleaned either at home or in our onsite wash station before we can except it. 


Webbing brace made from old seat belts.

Choice of saddle upholstery from second hand fabrics.

Spacer required to prevent seat post movement.

Metal hinge bolt centred through fixing plate.

Webbing brace made from old seat belts.

Adjustable seat post high and space for additional mud guard mount.